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We are pleased to provide you with this overview of the activities and aspirations of the MG Car Club (Wellington Centre) Incorporated. We trust it will provide you with an insight to our activities and the desire to become one of our approximately 250 MG Club members, wherever you hail from and whatever marque you (currently) drive.

We are an open club, in that we welcome membership from MG owners and enthusiasts alike, with no fixed requirement to be a current owner of an MG, although you are very likely to become "MG infected" over time.


To qualify to be a member you need to be a genuine admirer and/or friend of the marque, and/or a classic sports car enthusiast and a nice person as well. Memberships are only accepted after review by the Executive Committee, whose decision is final.

We are truly eclectic and cater for MGs of all types and vintages, from the very old to the very new, we care only that you care.

We have a strong membership both in terms of size & MG enthusiasm.

We have low cost membership fees, $60.00 single, $70.00 joint and $80.00 for single/joint with 1 or more children under 18. The subs are maintained deliberately low and events are often subsidised to maximise participation. To access a membership form click here



We are an incorporated society and are affiliated to the U.K. MG Car Club as well as enjoying good working associations with the MG Car Clubs of Auckland, Canterbury and Otago.

We have been in official existence since 1961 and are financially secure and debt free.

Benefits derived by members include subsidies which tend to offset the membership fee, but we do charge for membership to ensure we get genuine MG'ers. You are encouraged to participate actively in the Club to gain the full benefits.

We have close working relationships with a number of Car Clubs, in particular the Healey Car Club and the Morgan Sports Car Club, as we believe that the sport of motoring is wider than any particular sectional interest.

We are affiliated to the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile, aka FIA, affiliated local body, MotorSport New Zealand Inc.


We see our role as promoting the sport of motoring in general through promotion and activities loosely centred on the MG, and we get involved in all manner of activities that generally promote or protect the sport of motoring.

We hold a variety of Events in the course of the year, to cater for all tastes, as described in general terms in the Coming Events and Calendar pages herein. Our aim is to be sure that we have at least one event every month and to achieve that goal with variety and style.

Mailing Addresses

MG Car Club, (Wellington Centre) Inc.

Box 3135

MG Classic Motor Racing

Box 164
e.Mail to MGCC Wellington

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