MGF Tyres

When we bought our 1996, non VVC MGF it came with 4 x 185/55 R15 Sportlife tyres. With a recent WOF failure due to a worn front tyre, I took the opportunity to move the two good rear tyres to the front and fit the correct size 205/50 R15 tyres to the rear. I left the choice of manufacturer to the expertise of the tyre retailer/fitter and he recommended Hifly, which were duly fitted.

The immediate result was a feeling of unease on the open road. The car just didn't feel quite so friendly any more, and seemed to have developed a mind of its own. Back at the tyre place, the owner was totally sympathetic and after a test drive agreed that the new tyres were not suitable for the car. He is quite willing to replace them with different ones. The question now, of course, is what to choose.

Hence this appeal to all you F owners. Advice? Experience? Warnings? Please.

Peter Fleming 26 March 2021

Posted By: Peter Fleming, 26 Mar 2021 2:50 pm

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