New to Racing

The purpose of this section is both to inform and give confidence to drivers who are considering racing their cars. Safety in racing is paramount and you will find that at each stage there are regulations and rules which govern all of the events with the objective of eliminating injury.

Having said that, the novice should understand that Classic Car Racing is a dangerous sport and must be taken seriously at all times. Total elimination of risk is impossible but this doesn't mean that you can't have fun. If you aren't enjoying yourself racing your classic car you shouldn't be doing it.

Getting Started

The first thing is to see if you like driving your car on a race track! In order to provide novices with the opportunity to experience this type of driving and to enable them to learn from experienced drivers, the Club arranges two Competitor Coaching Days each year.

The rest of this section will take you through what you need to get started, what are the costs and can you get help with these and what races should you first enter.


If you find that track work isn't quite your cuop of tea but you like racing, how about considering volunteering to help out at the meeting. Jobs like flag marshalling and timekeeping can be a lot of fun and really get you into the spirit of classic car racing!

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