The Wellington Centre of the MG Car Club has several dozen trophies which are awarded each year for a range of competitive and service-oriented activities.

There are basically two types of trophies, ‘Club’ trophies and ‘Race’ trophies. Because a trophy is competed for at the November Classic or the September Intermarque meetings this does not necessarily make it a “Race” Trophy. Race Trophies are those that can be won by non club members at the November event (however, a club member may also win them). Club trophies can only be won by a Wellington Club member.

Club trophies are presented at the annual Prizegiving Dinner normally around the end of October and Race Trophies (for the preceeding year) are presented at the MG Classic Race Dinner on the Saturday night.

The Club's Trophies together with their current holders are:

Trophy Awards 2017





Dominion Motors


Awarded to the

Member in an MG

notching the

most points across

all competitions

Evan McCarthy

Committee Cup 1968

Awarded to the second highest points scorer in an MG

Marvyn Towers

Committee Cup 1962/63

Presented for Highest placed non-MG in Annual Competition’

Kolin Yannakis

Casa Fontana Cup

Awarded to highest woman points scorer in an MG

Jane Hector

Murray Watson



For the highest placed

Pre 56 MG in Annual Competition

Awarded to overall highest points scoring pre 1956 MG

Geoff Brader

‘T’ Type Plate

Awarded to highest

points scoring pre 56


Jane Hector


Hans Holler Cup

Fastest MG in classic

racing by a club member

Marvyn Towers

Committee Cup 1967

Awarded for fastest Non-MG Driver

Todd Moffat



Awarded to the lady in the fastest MG in Ladies Speed Events

Jane Hector

‘T’ Type Trophy

Awarded for the Fastest pre-56 MG

Geoff Brader

Sybil Archer/LuppTrophy Biscuit Barrel

Awarded for fastest time at the MG Classic Race Meeting

Todd Moffat

Ian McIntyre

Memorial Cup

Awarded for the best MG driver in Classic Racing

Malcolm Fleming

Max Knight

Memorial Trophy

Awarded for 1st 4 cyl MG in MG/British Car race at the MG Classic

Ray Hartley

Michael Hellberg Memorial Trophy

For the first club member driving a British car in the Mike Hellberg Memorial Flying Farewell race at the Classic Race Meeting

Andrew Fox

Andrew O’Neill Trophy

Awarded to the 1st club

member in a

British Sports Car Race

Ray Hartley


MG Motorkhana Cup

Awarded to the highest

points scoring MG

Ross Armstrong

Committee Cup 1971

Awarded to the overall winner in Motorkhana

Ross Armstrong

The Sybil Lupp Plate

Awarded to the highest points scoring woman in a Motorkhana

Jane Hector

The Murray Watson

Memorial Trophy

for the highest placed pre-56 MG in Motorkhanas

Geoff Brader


Hillclimb Champion Cup

Awarded for highest

points scored overall in


Bryce Gliddon

Sybil Archer/Lupp


(MG Streamliner


Highest MG points scorer in a hillclimb

Bryce Gliddon

J2 Plate

Awarded to the highest points scoring woman MG driver

Jane Hector


Concours D’elegance


Awarded to the highest points scoring MG in concours

Bill Denize & Ian Kelly

MG90 Show and Shine Trophy Awarded for best in show (highest points overall of all classes) at an annual Show & Shine event  Scott & Joan Stevenson


Royal Oak Trophy

Awarded for overall

highest points MG or


Hector Family

Wantwood Cup

Awarded to highest MG points scorer or best performer in Wellington Motor Sport Assn trials.

Geoff Brader


Best Crowd Pleaser


For being all fired up at the Charity Classic

Ross Armstrong

Mike Helberg


Awarded for services to the club or Committee’

Michael Anderson


Award No.1

For being a dedicated event participant

 Carel Friis


Award No.2

For constantly helping behind the scenes at MG events

Margaret Christiansen

Race Trophies



Trevor James Cup

Driver of the Day

Walter Memorial Trophy

Best Presented Car’

Ian McIntyre Memorial Trophy

Awarded for the best MG driver in the preceding Classic Race Meeting. Awarded for best performance eg: starting last and then winning a race.

Sybil Lupp Memorial Rose Bowl

Garth Bagnall Trophy

Erin O’Brien Memorial Trophy

Fastest MG of the Day

Andrew O'Neill Memorial Trophy

This award is competed for at the November Classic meeting. It can only be won by a club member and is therefore a club trophy. It is listed in the November results as being won by the relevant club member, and is presented at the club’s prize giving, and then handed back for engraving and safekeeping, with the winner getting a miniature.

The Baxter Trophy

Awarded to the senior driver at the meeting

Ray Hartley Motors

Ray Hartley Motors

MG Sound Classic 2017

Nov 10th, 11th, 12th

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